Big Bear Holloways Marina and RV Park has all your boating needs!
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Whatever watercraft you are looking for on the water, our Pontoon Deck Boat rentals provides the platform in Big Bear Lake at Holloways
Marina and RV Park. This luxurious and innovative pontoon boat has it all; clean and quiet outboard power, onboard entertainment center,
spacious dual facing lounger and more. The functional and stylish helmstand gives every captain ultimate confidence, and ample storage lets
you bring everything you need on board for a day on the lake

We have a great selection of fishing tackle, bait, fishing lures and don't worry, we sell fishing licenses as well!
Please call us early for reserve your boat rental as the summer is fast approaching in Big Bear Lake CA, the weather is great, trout fishing
doesn't get any better than right now and your vacation in Big Bear is about to begin, so reserve today by calling us at:
(909) 866-5706 for reservations
We have the largest fleet of watercraft on Big Bear Lake - Boat Rentals
mother and daughter on a pontoon boat rental in Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Holloways Marina Pontoon Pleasure and Fishing Boat Rentals

If you're an angler at heart, we've got plenty of pontoon fishing boats  to power you to your favorite fishing hole. You can find all the fishing equipment you need at
our bait and tackle shop.

We've also got canoes and kayaks for rent to enjoy a relaxing paddle on the lake. If you have a large group and aren't sure what to do, a day on one of our 20' or
24' pontoon boats would be a great choice! Up to 15 people can cruise in style on these floating party boats.

Pontoon Boat Rental Prices in Big Bear
So you only pay for what you use, you pay gas (flat rate per rental hour)
and we require a refundable deposit on all pontoon boats.

Regular (20ft, up to 8 people)
SWEETWATER (24ft, up to 12 people)
Available for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours.

Please call early for reservations so call and we'll help you reserve the boat you need.

SWEETWATER PONTOON - 1 Hr. $70 - 2 Hr. $125 - 4 Hr. $230 - 8 Hr. $330 - 12 Hr. $430

LUXURY PONTOON - 1 Hr. $105 - 2 Hr. $200 - 4 Hr. $365 - 8 Hr. $550 - 12 Hr. $590

PREMIUM LUXURY PONTOON - 1 Hr. $130 - 2 Hr. $225 - 4 Hr. $385 - 8 Hr. $575 - 12 Hr. $620
Big Bear Marina Holloways pontoon party boat rentals
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Rental Times 1 Hour --- 2 Hour ---- 4 Hour ---- 8 Hour --- 10 - 12 Hour
Up to 8 Person Standard $70.00 $85.00 $120.00 $140.00 $190.00 $215.00 $280.00 $310.00 $370.00
Up to `12 Person Standard $95.00 $110.00 $175.00 $195.00 $245.00 $270.00 $335.00 $365.00 $425.00
Up to 12 Person Luxury $110.00 $125.00 $200.00 $220.00 $350.00 $375.00 $440.00 $470.00 $530.00
Up to 12 Person Lux. Premium $130.00 $145.00 $230.00 $250.00 $390.00 $415.00 $480.00 $510.00 $570.00
plus Current Fuel Charges $15 $20 $30 $35 $40
Welcome to Holloway's Marina and RV Park in Big Bear Lake, California
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Memorial Day Boat rental specials
memorial day vacation big bear lake activities - boat rentals

Holloway's Marina and RV Park makes your holiday stay in
Big Bear Lake a true family event.  From pontoon boat
rentals, enjoy a lake cruise on the Pirate Ship, fishing boats
and a RV Camping Site at the marina.
Holloway's Marina and RV Park Big Bear Boat Rentals